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    Instant Pain Relief For Hands

    Testimonials From People With Arthritis

    "I sure am glad I found these. I can take my grandson fishing again. These glove give me much comfort and relief and warmth to sore finger joints. Not a cure but now I do many tasks I was dreading. Did not think I would like the open fingers but they are extremely comfortable and practical. I’m using my iPad with them on now."

    "I bought these for my mother. Both her and I suffer from arthritis. I sleep with them at night and the stiffness is less than it normally is. I feel like my achy hands are protected from easily straining when I pick things up or have to hold tightly onto something."

    "I do a lot of typing and I always have pain because of arthritis. I have had them on for less than 5 minutes and I was instantly pain free and I can type with ease. Honestly for the price you cannot go wrong with these."